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Mushroom Coffee - 'Bloom Shroomery Blend'

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Bloom Shroomery Blend


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Andy Brown
Best coffee ever!

The coffee has a great taste. (No, it doesn’t taste like mushroom) - the mushroom powder has several medicinal benefits, some proven and some not. It’s more expensive than regular coffee, but since it tastes great and has additional benefits, to me it’s worth it! The staff are brilliant! We ordered some to collect from our local market, but since Heady Cup weren’t going to make it on that day, they hand delivered to our house!!!

Mark Iwicki

Although a little pricey, this is a coffee that would be served in a fine European restaurant,i.e., elegant, tasteful, and smooth. One of the best coffees I have enjoyed since traveling internationally. Perfect blending with the flavor and health benefits from Lions Mane and cordyceps mushrooms. A great value overall!

David McLean

Delicious coffee, outstanding customer service. What else could you ask for 😀!?

Great Coffee

Tastes like great coffee. My wife is always afraid she won't like mushrooms, but she enjoyed mushroom blend just fine. If I put on my specialty coffee had I can say this brew has a bit of an earthy flavor, but that's normal for a medium roast. Put this back-to-back with your favorite diner coffee and you probably couldn't pick out which one has mushrooms in it. Heady Cup really nailed this brew. I tried other mushroom coffees from big name brands, who often use instant coffee instead of fresh ground, and this is superior. It's hard to tell if the buzz I feel is from the mushrooms or the caffeine, but that's how it should be. Tastes good, and contains extra plant ingredients. I like it.